I’m just soul wonderer
traveling busker
with a small backpack

I’m just soul wonderer
outside of categories
walking here and there

you can be nineteen, thirty or more
you can be beautiful or just fine
you can be self employed, artist
psychologist or a doctor
you cane even buy a dog or gain weight
everything matters but it is not so important
until you become faithless
sacred geometry of love

I’m just soul wonderer
traveling busker
with my metal pipe

simple soul wonderer
walking from one to other
looking for the one

I’d almost drank myself to death
dust of false dreams had scorched my brain
I was reaching all my borders
even crossing them to make sure they exist
I hadn’t drowned in the depth of passion
and hadn’t got burnt in my own flame
now I welcome dreams about nirvana
while the world is /as always/ my home

I’m just soul wonderer
traveling busker
joyful for every meeting

do you listen? soul wonderer
I’m dancing between categories
you didn’t make it out

I’m precisely wonderer
looking for the only soul
in this shape what’s mine